Divisione Contract

The Contract division of Montagner Furniture is able to satisfy any need in terms of design, quality and service. The know-how we have developed over the years allows us to respond to the growing demand for “turnkey” furniture solutions and to collaborate with the best international references for hospitality, residential and office sectors.

Main areas of project development:

  • Residential: furniture and accessories for living and sleeping areas, in particular kitchens, wardrobes and bathrooms
  • Office: customized solutions for front-office, operational and executive.
  • Hospitality: customized solutions of furniture and upholstered for rooms and common areas

Service and know-how

Not just a supplier of design furniture, but a partner able to provide a complete service.

We manage complex projects ensuring a high level of service in all phases of the project: Design, production, project management, delivery and after-sales activities are fully integrated to guarantee the execution of articulated projects in terms of quality, execution time and budget.



Each project is unique, we believe the collaboration between client, interior designers and development team is essential in order to identify project specifications; discuss technical and financial aspects is necessary to guarantee the achievement of added value in all phases of the project and the realization of a quality solution produced with the best industrial technologies on the market. We provide technical support to interior design studios in the realization of their creation and to project manager and investors looking for best solution that fit their budget.


In this phase the proposed solutions are discussed, the technical solutions to be used are defined and materials, fabrics and finishes are chosen in order to meet the requirements of aesthetics and functionality, ensuring compliance with the specific needs of the application sector and environment, for example fireproof standards or to guarantee resistance to marine environments.

Functional and aesthetic needs vary from project to project, for each project we analyze the aesthetic, functionality and quality requirements and we propose a solution that respects the needs of the customer ensuring the best cost-benefit ratio.


In this phase final design are made and for each product we develop the technical data (bill of materials and production cycle). Developing project integrating all phases from design to logistics means it’s necessary to consider production requirements since the beginning. We usually develop a complete mock-up that allow to “touch” the product before starting the large-scale production, making possible to evaluate aesthetics and functionality requirements, discuss with the clients and designers in order to identify early on improvements to be implemented before starting large scale production.


Montagner Furniture collaborates with a network of companies with proven experience,  selected in many years of working in the contract sector, which contribute to ensuring the quality typical of the Made in Italy. Procurement and production are constantly monitored, guaranteeing the progress of the project and the respect of delivery times.


LThe delivery phase is planned and organized according to customer needs. We can effectively managed unexpected in the delivery plan. The assembly phase is carried out through the coordination of external teams.